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WJEC Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate)
CBAC Tystysgrif Her Sgiliau Uwch (Bagloriaeth Cymru)

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Curriculum Information

E. Humanities and social sciences & preparation for life / work

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Performance Information


2016 contribution values

Some further changes to performance reporting in 2017 and 2018 may impact on the values displayed and how these values feed into performance measures in future years. More information can be found here:

Key Stage 4 performance measures Opens in a new window

Grading Scale Performance points L1 threshold L2 threshold L3 threshold
A* 300 0 0 50
A 270 0 0 50
B 240 0 0 50
C 210 0 0 50
D 180 0 0 50
E 150 0 0 50

The award criteria for the Welsh Baccalaureate qualifications are set by the awarding organisation. As such, any queries regarding Welsh Baccalaureate requirements will need to be referred directly to the awarding organisation.

Further information on performance measurement in Wales can be found here.

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